PC games were the basis of video games, some of the first ones that existed were made for PC, which led to the evolution of gaming as we know it, which is why many of them marked the childhood and life of many young people who played video games since its inception and have seen their incredible growth over the years giving birth to mobile games.

Every year the companies producing video games are responsible for making very good games that meet the expectations of the public as well as trying to surpass them, all this to try to achieve good reviews and sales and enter the top of the best games every year.


This top is made by different pages, which included different games in their lists, made by different blogs and pages that are responsible for rating the games according to their different characteristics. That is why ours is here:

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

One of the best shooters in history, Call of Duty games have a very good reputation on any platform, so they are highly recommended, in this case, the Black Ops 4 has a great system to play multiplayer making it much better than their predecessors. It also has an online game mode as well as the zombie mode, all of this much more updated.

In this game there is no campaign mode and in this case the company decided to launch a game mode in which the player can play with other partners and compete and enjoy in several maps.

It is a game of Battle Royale style, making it a game completely different and at the same time similar to their franchise. With these new features, this game has become one of the best that have been developed in the year 2018.

Fortnite Battle Royale

A game that has changed the way you see video games in general, is a Battle Royale which has incredible features, graphics, and sounds, so its place on this list is well deserved.

It is a basic game with the characteristics of a Battle Royale in which you must start on a map and you must fight against other players to survive in the arena, being the winner the last one standing, in the case that you play individual, if you play it in a group, the winner is the last group standing.

It has undoubtedly won its place in this top, for the success it has and for the quality it offers.


Game in which you explore a new world, creating and populating it, you can do all of this in multiplayer, it is a platform game which brings many challenges to the player.

The graphics are rather simple and outdated but that makes it part of its charm, with the sound and music being one of its strongest assets. It is at the top because it has a great acceptance by gamers.

With these three games in the top, the PC games of 2018 were amazing creations that will surely be enjoyed in the years to come.

Mobile gaming and its different platforms have kept evolving and improving over the years, facilitating and creating new things for the games’ developers to work with and impressing current and potential clients alike, having many companies and persons wanting to play mobile games and creating even more demand for them.


Mobile games are one of the best things they create for the fans of video games, making people able to play and enjoy it anywhere they go and whenever they can.

Many pages are responsible for selecting the best games of this platform per year, based on different features and qualities per game, and that is why we present our list of what we think are the best mobile games of 2018:

PUBG Mobile

It is a free game for mobile devices of any operating system, based on the game method Battle Royale, in which a group of players is thrown into an arena and the last one standing will be the winner, this is being played individually, if done in a group or in duo, the last group or duo would be winners.

You can find different teams that will help you to be stronger and defend you willingly throughout the map.

Originally it was created for PC, but the company decided to create a mobile version to reach a wider market without problems.


It is another game of the Battle Royale type, these type of games were the ones that dominated the downloads in this year 2018, this is a game that while it has the barebones concept of the Battle Royale system, what makes it special is that it can be played on most devices, including a large part of the low range.

In this game, you can choose where to go and with the same map in all the games, it is guaranteed that you will have a favorite place, in the whole map you will also find distributed different weapons and defenses that will help you get the upper hand.


It is a fun card game that has been adapted to mobile to make it easier for people to play these types of games, the game is based on World of Warcraft making it very interesting.

Plus it has many characters in the game as well as an individual and multiplayer mode, so you can have fun spending your time with your friends and with people online from all around the world.

These games have been selected as the best, made by different companies, so this shows us that the Battle Royale, the game mode that is being created recently, is becoming a trend and many companies are creating this type of games as a result of that.

Many times there are people who want to bet or play a bit of poker, but at the same time do not want to leave their house, or simply are unable to move from where they are for any specific reason, so applications and mobile games were created in which you can accomplish both thanks to them.

Thanks to this, you can place bets with real money so if you are a very good poker player you can earn a very good amount of money playing from home, which in turn is also a risk because you could lose it in the same way, so in this case we will talk about applications where you do not lose real money, but your bets are the same.


Many of these games are concentrated on the iOS platform, so here’s the list of 3 iOS poker apps to break the bank:

Appeak Poker

It is a very well created game, which perfectly fulfills the characteristics of a real poker game, is completely free and is the favorite of the people for being one of the simplest and most complete that can be found in the App Store. It has unique and special features that will improve your games and learn more and more about poker.

The game includes a chat box, so that players during games can communicate and if you are very competitive, the game has a ranking table in which you can appear if you manage to play poker really well.


It is a very relaxed and calm game, in which poker and solitaire are combined, making these two a great fusion and surpassing the expectations of gamers. The game is based on forming poker hands in a deck of 52 cards, and in this game you will enjoy a lot of different characteristics that makes it unique, all of that with a beautiful minimalist look.

World Series of Poker

The game that every poker player should try at least once, the one that most people play for being the one that has realistic data and raking boards with the best real poker players in the world, which allows you the chance to play with them. A poker app with all the features.

These games are very fun and work perfectly on all iOS devices, making them the best choice to play poker everywhere you go at any time.

The great Android, responsible for software development for many phone brands, has an incredible store and inside that store, you can find very good and fun games that anyone would like to enjoy, many of these games are RPG games, in which the user gets immersed in the game and feel more connected.

RPGs on any platform are very fun games, of which people enjoy a lot and so companies produce many games that cover this category, because…


as mentioned it is one of the most requested categories by users and gamers of all the world.

With all this information and knowing the great variety that we can find in the store, here is a list of the 3 RPG games for your Android Smartphone:

Eternium: Mage And Minions

It is a very fun and entertaining game that came out on November 2017, in which you can perform various activities in different stories, which is something strange in RPG games that do this kind of thing and makes it an almost unique game in the style. You can fight against robots, skeletons, beasts, demons, aliens and more.

You can find several things and objects that help you during the adventure inside the different game maps so it makes for a very fun enjoyable game for those who play it.

It is a free game and can be played without an internet connection for some actions, but for others, you will need the internet. This game includes purchases within the app, so it slows down your progress if you do not buy anything.


A game for Android in which different characteristics of games of action, adventures, PVP, among other types are united, which makes it a very fun game that includes many interesting things in it. It has different graphics environments that can be observed in 3D and 2D, which makes it a very dynamic game.

It is a game that the main goal is to go unlocking objects and stages as well as combining many good aspects. The only drawback is that it is a relatively short game to be a role-playing game. It is a paid game and has a cost in the store of $ 4.99.

Exiled Kingdoms

A single player game, where you are based on a campaign to save the world from problems that were previously on the underground, so if you want to survive you have to fight. It does not have very good graphics, but they are acceptable.

You can improve your character to have more things in favor to help in the history and development of the game. The game comes in two versions, a free version in which the complete game is not available and only has two stages, and the full version in which you can play the whole game and has a price of 4.99$.

This type of game is very entertaining and you can find many of these in the Android store, download them and you can have fun for a long time.

Casino games have been influencing the world of video games for a while, making the game companies produce more games of this type which makes more people download them, and use the bet and casino games to entertain themselves, and in some special cases, they even use them to overcome addictions to this type of activities.

These games are usually very fun and also tend to have good quality in graphics, sounds, and gameplay, so they have many downloads in the App Store and positive reviews. These games are usually downloaded by older people, who are the ones who normally bet not so much by children because game mechanics more oriented to the adult consumer.

In the store there are fantastic games, so for that, we made a list of the 3 free casino iOS apps which will…



… turn you into a gambler.


It is an application for Casino, one of the first so it has accumulated reviews of 5 stars in the App Store, which means that it has received a very good approval from the public that has played it. It represents the themes of the casinos of the world, mainly those of Las Vegas, but on your hand.

Simulates a Casino, with different mini-games within the application, all this allows the player to have many hours of play and fun, has slot machines that are free and has others that are paid with real money which have special feature and in those that are not free, the rates that the machines have are very similar to the machines of the real Casinos.

It has excellent animations and effects, so players feel like in a real Casino. Daily offers grants the player different offers and objects or free actions so you can enjoy different scenarios in the game. Do not stall and download it!

Pharaoh’s Way

One of the best-themed Casino games that you can find in the App Store, it has different slot machines, which are very funny and the best thing is that they are all completely free.

It has excellent graphics, with very good animations and very good sound, making a very fun experience when playing, plus everything has different tournaments that you can enjoy and compete with your friends for which one of you wins more.

Players have to be aware that when playing this game they are not making real money and that it only offers moments of fun and entertainment.

PKR Roulette 3D

A very realistic game, in which simulates a traditional Roulette that can be found in Casinos but represented in 3D, is compatible with any IOS device, so it is very versatile and can be played anywhere.

The poker game has excellent graphics, and it gives a very good experience for the player, in this game you can achieve 60 prizes for the IOS game center with what you can upload on many levels.

Having these games installed if you are ever bored you can take your device, open the game and spend very good moments, enjoying yourself as long as you want, having a nice distraction from long periods like commuting for work. For all these good reasons we recommend you download these games and enjoy them.