Many things are involved when we look at what League of Legends considers a good CS per hour score. LoL is a complex game. Every aspect of the game, such as a champion pick and lane matchups, impacts the rest. A great CS score doesn’t just depend on the skill of the player but also the game dynamics and the skills of his opponents.

Let’s now clarify some details and find out what is considered a good CS per minute in League of Legends.

What’s CS in League of Legends?

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CS refers to the short version of Creep Score. A “creep” in DotA is equivalent to a “minon” from League of Legends. The Creep Score is earned by repeatedly killing creeps and minions.

Players reward minions with gold and experience to kill them. It is a crucial resource for winning. CS refers to the statistic that a player uses to secure minions kills.

At 1:05 in every match of League of Legends, minions begin to spawn. Every 30 seconds, new waves flood Summoner’s Rift’s three lanes. Each lock takes 32 seconds to reach the player in the lane’s middle. Each wave comprises six minions: three range, three melees, and one cannon minion. These are the rules!

If we do a little math, we can see that every player has about ten minions to kill each minute. It is important to remember if you want to increase your Creep Score.

What is considered a good CS per minute in League of Legends?

An average CS per minute is around 8 CS/min. It should be the primary goal of all League of Legends players. It is because 8 CS/min requires at least some knowledge of the game’s mechanics and developed skills on the player’s part to follow them. Any less indicates that the player needs to work on his CS per hour skills.

Good CS per minute can be between 9 CSS/min and higher. It means you can claim resources to support your team if you can hold it or an even higher score during the match. You are familiar with the game and have enough knowledge of your champion to be a competent LoL player.

A great CS per min score is anything higher than 10 CS/min. Every player should aim for 10 CS/min, regardless of whether they are above the Platinum or Gold rank. These players must have a good knowledge of League of Legends to understand their champions and matchups.

A pro player’s CS score is usually around the 10 CS/min mark. Because they are professionals at the game and have mastered its basics, this is understandable. A mid-layer can reach 12 CS/min in a professional match.

It happens when the mid-layer starts to take jungle camp in between his regular minion waves. If the player is a scaling or snowballing champion, other lanes will give him their minions. But that doesn’t mean a pro player cannot score 7 to 8 CS/min in solo and pro play.

What is the CS per minute in League of Legends?

Multiple factors can influence your Creep Score, as we have already mentioned. Let’s look at this example.

You are playing Zed in the middle lane against Syndra. Typically, Syndra should dominate this matchup, at minimum, up to level 6. Zed should be careful in this matchup and not allow Syndra to bully him. If he loses too many HP, he will not be able CS as often. Zed should not be successful at CS if Syndra does an excellent job. Zed’s CS/min is mainly determined by Syndra and not solely Zed.

It isn’t the only factor that can influence Creep Scores. Sometimes your opponent in the lane may need to be more skilled, and you will be able to farm. His jungle may decide to camp you, resulting in you having a lower CS. Your teammate’s performance and those of your enemies often play a role.

Your champion selection is another important thing you need to master. Once you have one champion, you are familiar with his animations, movements, and, most importantly, the damage at each level. You may not realize it, but you almost always have a good CS per hour when you play a champion you are familiar with.

Here are some things to do if you need help maintaining a high CS per-minute score.

How to Increase Your CS Per Minute in League of Legends

It is a skill that each of us has acquired over time. However, there are ways to accelerate it.

First, Practice mode is essential. You’ll become a much better player if you take the time to focus on your CSing for a few minutes each day before you play ranked. Practice Mode is excellent because it eliminates distractions like kill announcements and enemy champions.

It will allow you to focus on the auto-attacks of your champion and their spells. It will enable you to see the right moment to press your buttons. As a result, your regular games will have a higher CS/minute.

The 10-minute CS Challenge is another helpful tool. You can also complete this challenge in your ranked games. The goal is to get the perfect score of 107 minions before 10:00. Although many people can’t achieve this number, it is possible to train your mind to focus more on the minions. It will help you develop a good habit allowing you to achieve high CS/per in all games.

Final Thoughts

Here’s how League of Legends rates CS per minute. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to hit these numbers. As we mentioned earlier, CSing takes time to master. It is only possible to become proficient at it after some time. So allow yourself some room for error. You can reach that 10 CS/min speed if you practice enough.

Many gamers have grown obsessed with FPS numbers. It is pretty easy to understand: the more frames you get while playing a video game, the more “dense” and beautiful the virtual world will be.

It is difficult to understand the situation with Counter-Strike Global Offensive. CSGO maps are stunning with a high index of FPS and have significant benefits of quick synchronization with your server. You want your computer to be manageable in competitive shooters. A slight technical glitch can result in a lost round, a poor match, and even a negative reputation within the online community.

You may need to adjust settings in-game to optimize performance and prevent technical problems. This article will assist you in doing so. It also explains how many FPS are required in CS: GO.

How to show FPS in CSGO

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Two methods can be used to ensure that you always have an FPS count in your game. While it might not always be helpful, it can be used to adjust the settings of CS: GO on your PC.

Method 1 – via steam

Steam allows you to activate an FPS Checker for all Steam games.

  1. Open Steam App.
  2. Use the menu Steam > Settings.
  3. Choose the In-Game tab from the left menu in the open window.
  4. Find Ingame FPS Counter Steam, and adjust its position on your screen (top-bottom or left-right).
  5. Mark High contrast to see the FPS indicator.
  6. Click the OK Button.

Method 2 – via FPS Commands CS: GO

CS: GO gamers can access more settings in the game by using console commands. These codes can be entered directly into the console screen. Some of these codes are directly connected to Frames Per Second.

How can you see FPS in CSGO using console commands?

  1. In the game settings, make sure it is enabled.
  2. Use the tilde or keys to access your keyboard.
  3. Enter the command.

That’s it! Now, the FPS tracker will appear on your screen.

Commands for FPS in CSGO

Frames per second continue to be a popular topic among CS: GO, players. It is especially true for those who enjoy trying to control every aspect of the game, such as starting their esports career. Does it sound like your gaming style? This detailed description of CSGO FPS commands available.

  • cl_showfps1 – Use this command to activate the FPS overlay
  • cl_showfps 0 – to disable FPS
  • net_graph1 – This command allows players to see CS: GO FPS, but it also gives additional information, such as your current ping
  • net_graph – To disable this indicator
  • net_graph 2 – demonstrates your network data
  • net_graph – Information about the computer load

You don’t have to enter CS: console commands each time you want FPS displayed. Instead, bind these commands with some keys. More information is available in the article CSGO binds.

  1. Create Autoexec.cfg – open the standard config.cfg folder Steam\userdata\yourSteamID\730\local\cfg\config.cfg, using Notepad ++.
  2. Your binding commands should be added.
  3. Please save the file in the same folder, but give it the name Autoexec. cfg.

How many FPS do you need?

It depends mainly on your computer’s power. You should get the best performance from your gaming computer with a powerful graphics card. The below FPS information will satisfy your curiosity.

This list describes the meanings of numbers on the FPS indicator.

  • 0-30FPS This is a low FPS version of CS: GO. This picture may need to be more precise, and you might experience lags.
  • 30-60 FPS is a common situation for most computers. Excellent visuals without technical problems
  • 60-100 FPS is a reasonable level. Multilayer is beautiful, and you’re pretty efficient.
  • 100-300 FPS Excellent performance, great graphics, and flawless synchronization to the server

How can I increase FPS in CSGO?

Many players desire smooth frame rates in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You can use these commands to raise your frames per second index for older systems. It is not intended to improve the picture but to improve synchronization with your server and enhance your in game performance.

  • r_drawparticles 0, func_break_max_pieces 0 – you will not see various minuscule objects on the screen. It reduces the computer’s load.
  • muzzleflash_light 0, r_drawtracers_firstperson 0, r_dynamic 0, mat_disable_bloom 1 – here will be much fewer visual effects from shooting.

You can also make the crosshair more convenient for your style of play to increase your effectiveness in CSGO. You might find the CSGO crosshair commands helpful.

  • FPS_max 60 This command sets the maximum FPS value. This command can be used to improve performance in some instances. fps_max eliminates all limitations.

Some players use the launch option to add commands to the game.

Valiant is expected to be the most-played FPS game this year. Many people describe it as a combination of CSGO and Overwatch. They focus on the most important things to balance the game and keep it competitive.

You may have played Valorant before and are familiar with the Sensitivity. This converter will allow you to find an equivalent Valorant sense to what you have used in other games. This will enable you to keep the muscle memory you’ve worked so hard on and make it easier for you to succeed in the new game.


pexels rodnae productions 7915289 - CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Conversion

You will need to enter the following information into this converter:

  • The game from which you want to convert.
  • The DPI of the mouse you use in the game that you are converting.
  • The level of Sensitivity that you use in the game from which you are converting.
  • The competition to which you want to convert.
  • The DPI of the mouse you intend to use in the game to which you are converting.


The magic ratio is 3.18. You must divide your CSGO mouse sensitivity by 3.18 to convert it to Valiant. This number was cited by several figures, including Shroud, a former CS: GO pro who has played a lot of Valiant games. We will show you how to change your Sensitivity.

First, open CS: GO by clicking on the cog in the left bar. You can switch to the Keyboard/Mouse tab in the Game Settings menu. Here you will find the number next to Mouse Sensitivity. Divide that number by 3.18 (in this case, 1.19/3.18 = 0.37). You can also use the ValorantUK handy converter. It may be necessary to adjust the number. You should be able to handle it as long as the number is close. Open Valorant, click the button at the top of the screen, and select Settings. Enter the number that you calculated in the box next to Sensitivity. Aim.

What about Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch players? You may need to adjust your Sensitivity for a different game pace in Valiant. The following list is recommended:

  • CS: GO/Apex To Valorant sensitivity – Divide by 3.18
  • Overwatch to Valorant Sensitivity Divide by 10.6
  • Rainbow Six Siege to Valorant Sensitivity: Divide by 12.2.

You can fine-tune your Sensitivity by moving your mouse a certain distance across the mouse mate. Then, measure how far your mouse moves in each game. You can then adjust Valorant Sensitivity. This guide will help you convert your Sensitivity to Valorant from CS.GO.

Only the most determined players will win the victory crown. Players will need to work hard to get it. This golden crown can be faced in three directions and has many benefits that will boost your XP. It is a golden crown facing in three movements that has many benefits, including boosting up XP.

The crown will give you additional XP and killstreaks. The victory crown-bearers will be able to wear colorful headgear and attract the attention of the other players. You’ll be awarded the Crowning Achievement Emote if you win the match wearing a Victory Crown. Although it doesn’t do much, it will be based on the number of victories while wearing the crown.

Fortnite: How do you earn the Victory Crown?

pexels rodnae productions 7915498 - What Does the Crown do in Fortnite?

The victory crown is awarded to the players who win it. They will wear it in their next match, and their names will appear in gold, which will be very pleasing. Fortnite has many ways to win the victory crown.

  • These players will glow with a faint glow when they kill another person. This is because they are reported to have a Victory Crown. These signs will help you spot and hopefully kill any Victory Crown-wielding players in your match. The Victory Crown appears to be in the loot once the opponent has been killed. It will have a shiny appearance to help you find it. After obtaining the crown, the character will glow golden.
  • You can also pick up the crown that a competitor lost. There are more reliable ways to get the height.
  • You will need to do exceptionally well in the battle royale and achieve a higher rank in solo, duos, or trios matches.

These are the ranks you should reach:

Solo, The winner will be chosen by the top four players.

Duos The top two teams will receive this golden crown and many other benefits.

Trios The highest ranking team members will receive golden names while participating in the royale battle matches.

Squads The highest-ranking team members will be awarded this golden crown and all its benefits.

Fortnite: The Advantages of the Victory Crown

The Victory Crown is an additional feature in this chapter. The crown is a special reward for players who have been highly competitive and compatible since the beginning of the game. The height allows players to show off their skills and bragging rights.

The player’s name will be boldly printed in gold and surrounded by a shiny golden surround. You will receive more XP for killing, killstreaks, and eliminating another player who has the crown. A crown is considered a Crowned Victory if you win a match while wearing it.


Fortnite is an online multiplayer game that Epic Games released in 2017. It’s free to play. To see who is the last one standing, up to 100 players can compete in a battle royale. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Nintendo Switch. It is one of the most famous battle royale games in the world.

For PC gamers, there has never been a better time. There isn’t a day when a new game isn’t published. Isn’t this going to be expensive? But have no fear. There are many great free PC games to select from.

Indeed, there are so many free games to select from that deciding how to spend your time might be difficult. Here are the best free PC games for 2020, and all of the “Genre Alternatives” are also free to download.

1. Battle Royale

Epic Games‘ Fortnite Battle Royale took the world by storm in 2017. Since then, it hasn’t stopped, acquiring more players and viewers and being released on new video game systems.

The battle royale market for free is crowded. Regardless of what other development teams bring, Fortnite’s combination of fierce cartoon-style action and accessibility is unrivaled.

Fortnite is also kept interesting by Epic Games. New content is introduced to the game regularly, drawing players in quest of better skins, weaponry, and, of course, Fortnite’s iconic winning dances.

Not only that, but Epic Games is constantly modifying the Fortnite setting, which helps to advance the game’s narrative.

For example, approximately halfway through one season, a large meteor appeared in the sky over the gaming map. The asteroid approached slowly before crashing into Dusty Depot, turning it into Dusty Divot and dispersing smaller craters over the terrain.

Since then, Epic Games has won numerous awards for its innovative narrative techniques, and the Fortnite storyline has continued to develop.

Check out our Fortnite fundamentals cheat sheet to learn more about the game. You might be a pro-streamer in no time!

2. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is the most intriguing, captivating, and infuriating game ever developed. Bay 12 Games, the makers of Dwarf Fortress, continue to update it for free. So, what is it exactly?

Dwarf Fortress is a roguelike, management simulator, exploration story, etc. That’s because you have an almost limitless number of options for keeping your dwarven colony alive, happy, fed, and productive.

The original artwork is unattractive. There’s no need to be ambiguous, and the extensive (and often fussy) controls are difficult to get used to. On the other side, several amazing community tilesets turn the original Dwarf Fortress into a brighter, more approachable experience.

3. Exile’s Journey

Path of Exile will appeal to fans of Diablo and other dungeon-crawling RPGs. Path of Exile, first released in 2013, is currently a top-ranked free-to-play game with frequent updates.

The plot isn’t particularly compelling, focusing on classic RPG tropes like being washed up on the beach, stranded, dressed in rags, and battling to become the ultimate beast slayer. On the other side, Path of Exile stands out due to its massive skill trees, plentiful loot, and frequent additions of new enemies, game systems, and play styles.

4. Arena of Magic: The Gathering

The iconic Magic: The Gathering (MTG) game comes to your PC in the form of Magic: The Gathering Arena, a free digital collectible card game.

MTG Arena isn’t the first digital version of the hugely popular tabletop card game. However, it is the first digital version of MTG to match the tabletop meta, allowing players to construct decks that correlate to its expansions.

In this way, MTG Arena is quite similar to an actual MTG game. You can still use land cards to produce mana, customize your deck, and find new and rare booster cards by opening packs.

MTG Arena is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and booster pack purchases. While you may occasionally run across someone with a premium deck, most MTA Arena players rely on free decks, booster packs, and the like.

Furthermore, even though the game closely resembles the physical game, there is no requirement for prior expertise to begin playing. The game includes several tutorials that explain how the various game mechanics work and some basic skills.

Another aspect of MTG Arena that we appreciate is the animations. MTG was a static tabletop game for a long time, and MTG Arena now brings your cards to life with dazzling explosions and spinning summoning.

5. Destiny 2

In 2019, Bungie’s online-only first-person shooter Destiny 2 became free-to-play, allowing anybody to play it. Bungie simultaneously upgraded weapons, armor classes, content drops, and the power level ceiling to lure existing and new players to try out the new content. New Destiny 2 game modes were also launched, and new interplanetary destinations to explore.

The outcome is a large-scale space shooter in which three rival factions vie for control of the Destiny 2 universe. Check out our beginner’s guide if you’re new to Destiny 2.

Even if you don’t plan on going deep into Destiny 2, the game’s often mind-blowing scenery, and magnificent dungeons are worth exploring. Oh, and riding the Sparrows is also a lot of fun.

6. StarCraft II 

In 2017, Blizzard handed away StarCraft II for free. As a result, one of the best real-time strategy (RTS) games ever created is now freely available. The single-player campaign from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is included in the free-to-play edition, but not the sequels Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, or Nova Covert Ops.

The free edition of StarCraft II includes the ranked multiplayer league tables. We’re not sure why you’d subject yourself to such an ordeal, but each to their own.

7. Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has a lot to offer, from its all-conquering RTS to the game it doesn’t consider a MOBA. If Characters of the Storm isn’t a MOBA, it sure looks like one:

  • Five-on-five combat
  • Lanes
  • A vast selection of heroes (taken from other Blizzard games)
  • A focus on four unique roles

League of Legends and Dota 2 are significantly more accessible than Heroes of the Storm. The audience appears to be more open, the roles are clearer, and the game options variety each combat, making it more intriguing.

8. Planetside 2

Planetside 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter in which you fight for control of various locations across continental areas. With up to 2,000 concurrent players in the game, Planetside 2 knows a thing or two about epic size. You can spend hours in a single fight, then log off for a few hours before returning to the same battle.

The biggest difference for gamers coming from Battlefield or Call of Duty is the time it takes to perfect and level up weapons and skills. Such exact abilities require a long time to develop, and it’s not a grind because the battles ebb and flow, and you’re not restricted to attacking from a single direction (or vehicle, for that matter).

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is the ninth game in the series.

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex was released in 2016 to coincide with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and it has stunning cars, courses, and environments. The first Forza game released on a desktop PC was Forza Motorsport 6, and Forza was formerly only accessible on Xbox.

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex pays true to the series’ reputation for expansive circuit designs and impressive car models. A total of 63 vehicles will compete in 12 different events.

10. Warframe

Even being a free game, Warframe contains a lot of material. The hoverboard skating mode is the last but not least. However, there is a lot to take in when it comes to running and gunning (as opposed to hacking and slashing in Path of Exile) and the vast array of weaponry, load-outs, and play styles.

There are large open-world locales to explore, a rich storyline, and periodic content releases. At first, the sheer volume of information available can be overwhelming. Learning the many game elements takes time, and figuring out crafting and blueprinting can also be difficult.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; the Warframe community is one of the friendliest on the internet. It’s almost certain that this question has been posted before.

11. EverQuest

Return to one of the original MMOs, where you can build your character via 110 levels, 500 zones, and various questlines. After more than two decades, EverQuest is still going strong.

The Burning Lands expansion was the game’s 25th content expansion, introducing new zones, raids, quests, and spells. It was released 19 years after the first game in 2018.

EverQuest keeps up in so many ways, even if the visuals are dated. Thousands of hours of questing around Norrath await you and your companions.