PC games were the basis of video games, some of the first ones that existed were made for PC, which led to the evolution of gaming as we know it, which is why many of them marked the childhood and life of many young people who played video games since its inception and have seen their incredible growth over the years giving birth to mobile games.

Every year the companies producing video games are responsible for making very good games that meet the expectations of the public as well as trying to surpass them, all this to try to achieve good reviews and sales and enter the top of the best games every year.

PC Gaming - The 3 Best PC Games of 2018

This top is made by different pages, which included different games in their lists, made by different blogs and pages that are responsible for rating the games according to their different characteristics. That is why ours is here:

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

One of the best shooters in history, Call of Duty games have a very good reputation on any platform, so they are highly recommended, in this case, the Black Ops 4 has a great system to play multiplayer making it much better than their predecessors. It also has an online game mode as well as the zombie mode, all of this much more updated.

In this game there is no campaign mode and in this case the company decided to launch a game mode in which the player can play with other partners and compete and enjoy in several maps.

It is a game of Battle Royale style, making it a game completely different and at the same time similar to their franchise. With these new features, this game has become one of the best that have been developed in the year 2018.

Fortnite Battle Royale

A game that has changed the way you see video games in general, is a Battle Royale which has incredible features, graphics, and sounds, so its place on this list is well deserved.

It is a basic game with the characteristics of a Battle Royale in which you must start on a map and you must fight against other players to survive in the arena, being the winner the last one standing, in the case that you play individual, if you play it in a group, the winner is the last group standing.

It has undoubtedly won its place in this top, for the success it has and for the quality it offers.

Fortnite - The 3 Best PC Games of 2018


Game in which you explore a new world, creating and populating it, you can do all of this in multiplayer, it is a platform game which brings many challenges to the player.

The graphics are rather simple and outdated but that makes it part of its charm, with the sound and music being one of its strongest assets. It is at the top because it has a great acceptance by gamers.

With these three games in the top, the PC games of 2018 were amazing creations that will surely be enjoyed in the years to come.

The 3 Best PC Games of 2018