Casino games have been influencing the world of video games for a while, making the game companies produce more games of this type which makes more people download them, and use the bet and casino games to entertain themselves, and in some special cases, they even use them to overcome addictions to this type of activities.

These games are usually very fun and also tend to have good quality in graphics, sounds, and gameplay, so they have many downloads in the App Store and positive reviews. These games are usually downloaded by older people, who are the ones who normally bet not so much by children because game mechanics more oriented to the adult consumer.

In the store there are fantastic games, so for that, we made a list of the 3 free casino iOS apps which will turn you into a gambler.


It is an application for Casino, one of the first so it has accumulated reviews of 5 stars in the App Store, which means that it has received a very good approval from the public that has played it. It represents the themes of the casinos of the world, mainly those of Las Vegas, but on your hand.

Simulates a Casino, with different mini-games within the application, all this allows the player to have many hours of play and fun, has slot machines that are free and has others that are paid with real money which have special feature and in those that are not free, the rates that the machines have are very similar to the machines of the real Casinos.

It has excellent animations and effects, so players feel like in a real Casino. Daily offers grants the player different offers and objects or free actions so you can enjoy different scenarios in the game. Do not stall and download it!

Pharaoh’s Way

One of the best-themed Casino games that you can find in the App Store, it has different slot machines, which are very funny and the best thing is that they are all completely free.

It has excellent graphics, with very good animations and very good sound, making a very fun experience when playing, plus everything has different tournaments that you can enjoy and compete with your friends for which one of you wins more.

Players have to be aware that when playing this game they are not making real money and that it only offers moments of fun and entertainment.

PKR Roulette 3D

A very realistic game, in which simulates a traditional Roulette that can be found in Casinos but represented in 3D, is compatible with any IOS device, so it is very versatile and can be played anywhere.

The poker game has excellent graphics, and it gives a very good experience for the player, in this game you can achieve 60 prizes for the IOS game center with what you can upload on many levels.

Having these games installed if you are ever bored you can take your device, open the game and spend very good moments, enjoying yourself as long as you want, having a nice distraction from long periods like commuting for work. For all these good reasons we recommend you download these games and enjoy them.

3 Free Casino iOS Apps Which Will Turn You into a Gambler