The great Android, responsible for software development for many phone brands, has an incredible store and inside that store, you can find very good and fun games that anyone would like to enjoy, many of these games are RPG games, in which the user gets immersed in the game and feel more connected.

RPGs on any platform are very fun games, of which people enjoy a lot and so companies produce many games that cover this category, because as mentioned it is one of the most requested categories by users and gamers of all the world.

With all this information and knowing the great variety that we can find in the store, here is a list of the 3 RPG games for your Android Smartphone:

Eternium: Mage And Minions

It is a very fun and entertaining game that came out on November 2017, in which you can perform various activities in different stories, which is something strange in RPG games that do this kind of thing and makes it an almost unique game in the style. You can fight against robots, skeletons, beasts, demons, aliens and more.

You can find several things and objects that help you during the adventure inside the different game maps so it makes for a very fun enjoyable game for those who play it.

It is a free game and can be played without an internet connection for some actions, but for others, you will need the internet. This game includes purchases within the app, so it slows down your progress if you do not buy anything.


A game for Android in which different characteristics of games of action, adventures, PVP, among other types are united, which makes it a very fun game that includes many interesting things in it. It has different graphics environments that can be observed in 3D and 2D, which makes it a very dynamic game.

It is a game that the main goal is to go unlocking objects and stages as well as combining many good aspects. The only drawback is that it is a relatively short game to be a role-playing game. It is a paid game and has a cost in the store of $ 4.99.

Exiled Kingdoms

A single player game, where you are based on a campaign to save the world from problems that were previously on the underground, so if you want to survive you have to fight. It does not have very good graphics, but they are acceptable.

You can improve your character to have more things in favor to help in the history and development of the game. The game comes in two versions, a free version in which the complete game is not available and only has two stages, and the full version in which you can play the whole game and has a price of 4.99$.

This type of game is very entertaining and you can find many of these in the Android store, download them and you can have fun for a long time.

3 RPG Games for Your Android Smartphone