header - About Astronut App

Online sales have increased a lot, and little by little has been moving the sale from physical stores, so many companies like us, have taken the initiative to start our online store to reach much more public and offer our products to all world, all this through a screen, which can make this project a reality in an easy way.

We are Astronaut App, an online store of physical and digital games, we also have apps that we have in our catalog, which you can access very easily through your phone or your computer, everything in your home, making your purchase really easy.

We are characterized for being a company that has a lot of experience because previously we were a physical store, but we decided to simply go online to reach more people and achieve more sales.

Our creator, Madden Rubio, lover of video games, both console, and mobile, saw that this industry could grow, all this 8 years ago, which is why he decided to found a video game store truly dedicated to gamers and it is that we are currently, not only for new games and systems but for the older ones, which although they may be old they are still played and loved by many fans.

Years passed, we had more customers and seeing the growth of the store and the internet we made this decision to place everything on a web page so that it had more reach to any part of the country and even the world.

For about 3 years we have been in networks, doing a great service to our customers who are satisfied and decide to recommend us and thanks to this we have been growing little by little, until becoming the great and solid company that we currently are.

Our employees are mostly young experts in the subject of video games, so we always have some of them online to answer any question that any of our customers could ask about a specific product, so we are very fast in that process.

We have many games of any type and category, in any console and if you do not have it you could ask for it in the contact section so that in a short time we could place it available in our store and you can buy it, which means that we are always updating the pages to upload new things.