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In this section, we offer you the best games you can find in our store. You can find any genre for any mobile platform, so you will have a great variety from which to choose.

Shooters Pack

Modern Combat 5

A first-person-shooter game, with very good graphics in which you have to pass certain missions that make you complete the game, it is available for the Android platform. It has a price of $ 10.

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition Legacy

One of the best paid Android games, similar to the Halo game, you can play online multiplayer and you also have 13 missions in the campaign. It has a price of $ 6.99.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A game with a lot of history and more than 60 missions approximately, with very good graphics and with many activities that you can do throughout the game, it is available for Android with a price of $ 4.

Puzzle games


An android game, in which you meet your little character in the streets, in which you will find objects that can help you solve puzzles and pass levels. It is priced at $ 4.99.

Monument Valley

Puzzle, in which you can find very beautiful geometric graphics on the map, in which you add different forms that you are solving to go from stage to stage in the game, it is available on Android at a price of 3.99 $.

Adventure game

Kingdom Rush

It is a game in which you have to connect certain towers to achieve the objectives of the game and to pass the stages and levels available to achieve everything, is on Android with a price of $ 2.99.