Since the time at which consoles became as powerful as computers, there has been heated debate over whether gaming should be done on a PC or a console. When it comes to consoles, calling them “computer games” is wrong because they are actually “video games.” Games are generally available across all main platforms over time, but the debate is far from done. However, there are several advantages to PC gaming listed below.

The fundamental argument of PC gamers, some of whom have dubbed themselves the ‘Glorious PC Master Race,’ is the superiority of graphics. Because computers are upgradeable, there is almost no limit to how much graphic performance may be improved as technology advances. Of course, this is a luxury that not everyone can afford, but given the prices of freshly released consoles, upgrading an existing computer to match the hardware of the latest console will almost surely be less expensive, and you can do it incrementally. Additionally, settings can be tweaked, allowing the player to personalize his experience.

Modding is a strong argument against consoles. Installing or creating a mod for an Xbox or Playstation game is nearly impossible. When it comes to that, the user has no options, and the best he can expect is some downloaded content or upgrades from the developer. This normally does nothing to modify the game and merely improves certain aspects, such as adding extra weapons and suits.

The essential point is that PCs now have the same gaming hardware as consoles, with a few added benefits. For a long time, consoles were distinguished because they could be connected to and played on a television, which is often much larger than a computer monitor. You can do the same thing with your computer now, and it connects to the TV through HDMI and supports both joysticks and a keyboard and mouse, among other features.

One of the most significant advantages of a PC is that certain games, such as RTS and shooters, are not playable on consoles. A joystick is no match for an ultra-sensitive, high-resolution mouse when playing a shooter.

Consoles have been attempting to emulate some of the capabilities of a computer for some time. Still, they are nothing near being able to replicate the same OS capabilities in terms of options. Sure, you can now play DVDs and use some internet functions, but that’s about it.

Without question, each year brings a slew of excellent games to market. Most of them have been anticipated for some time. However, there is a risk of placing too much faith in one play and being disappointed. This was undoubtedly the case with Duke Nukem 4ever, the now-famous fiasco. Gamers waited long for the game to be released, only to be unhappy with what they eventually received. Game firms are now more likely to deliver on their quality promises to avoid the same negative reaction. Significantly disappointing gamers with one game can make it difficult to sell the next, which might be disastrous for the budgets allocated to games.