Many things are involved when we look at what League of Legends considers a good CS per hour score. LoL is a complex game. Every aspect of the game, such as a champion pick and lane matchups, impacts the rest. A great CS score doesn’t just depend on the skill of the player but also the game dynamics and the skills of his opponents.

Let’s now clarify some details and find out what is considered a good CS per minute in League of Legends.

What’s CS in League of Legends?

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CS refers to the short version of Creep Score. A “creep” in DotA is equivalent to a “minon” from League of Legends. The Creep Score is earned by repeatedly killing creeps and minions.

Players reward minions with gold and experience to kill them. It is a crucial resource for winning. CS refers to the statistic that a player uses to secure minions kills.

At 1:05 in every match of League of Legends, minions begin to spawn. Every 30 seconds, new waves flood Summoner’s Rift’s three lanes. Each lock takes 32 seconds to reach the player in the lane’s middle. Each wave comprises six minions: three range, three melees, and one cannon minion. These are the rules!

If we do a little math, we can see that every player has about ten minions to kill each minute. It is important to remember if you want to increase your Creep Score.

What is considered a good CS per minute in League of Legends?

An average CS per minute is around 8 CS/min. It should be the primary goal of all League of Legends players. It is because 8 CS/min requires at least some knowledge of the game’s mechanics and developed skills on the player’s part to follow them. Any less indicates that the player needs to work on his CS per hour skills.

Good CS per minute can be between 9 CSS/min and higher. It means you can claim resources to support your team if you can hold it or an even higher score during the match. You are familiar with the game and have enough knowledge of your champion to be a competent LoL player.

A great CS per min score is anything higher than 10 CS/min. Every player should aim for 10 CS/min, regardless of whether they are above the Platinum or Gold rank. These players must have a good knowledge of League of Legends to understand their champions and matchups.

A pro player’s CS score is usually around the 10 CS/min mark. Because they are professionals at the game and have mastered its basics, this is understandable. A mid-layer can reach 12 CS/min in a professional match.

It happens when the mid-layer starts to take jungle camp in between his regular minion waves. If the player is a scaling or snowballing champion, other lanes will give him their minions. But that doesn’t mean a pro player cannot score 7 to 8 CS/min in solo and pro play.

What is the CS per minute in League of Legends?

Multiple factors can influence your Creep Score, as we have already mentioned. Let’s look at this example.

You are playing Zed in the middle lane against Syndra. Typically, Syndra should dominate this matchup, at minimum, up to level 6. Zed should be careful in this matchup and not allow Syndra to bully him. If he loses too many HP, he will not be able CS as often. Zed should not be successful at CS if Syndra does an excellent job. Zed’s CS/min is mainly determined by Syndra and not solely Zed.

It isn’t the only factor that can influence Creep Scores. Sometimes your opponent in the lane may need to be more skilled, and you will be able to farm. His jungle may decide to camp you, resulting in you having a lower CS. Your teammate’s performance and those of your enemies often play a role.

Your champion selection is another important thing you need to master. Once you have one champion, you are familiar with his animations, movements, and, most importantly, the damage at each level. You may not realize it, but you almost always have a good CS per hour when you play a champion you are familiar with.

Here are some things to do if you need help maintaining a high CS per-minute score.

How to Increase Your CS Per Minute in League of Legends

It is a skill that each of us has acquired over time. However, there are ways to accelerate it.

First, Practice mode is essential. You’ll become a much better player if you take the time to focus on your CSing for a few minutes each day before you play ranked. Practice Mode is excellent because it eliminates distractions like kill announcements and enemy champions.

It will allow you to focus on the auto-attacks of your champion and their spells. It will enable you to see the right moment to press your buttons. As a result, your regular games will have a higher CS/minute.

The 10-minute CS Challenge is another helpful tool. You can also complete this challenge in your ranked games. The goal is to get the perfect score of 107 minions before 10:00. Although many people can’t achieve this number, it is possible to train your mind to focus more on the minions. It will help you develop a good habit allowing you to achieve high CS/per in all games.

Final Thoughts

Here’s how League of Legends rates CS per minute. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to hit these numbers. As we mentioned earlier, CSing takes time to master. It is only possible to become proficient at it after some time. So allow yourself some room for error. You can reach that 10 CS/min speed if you practice enough.

What is considered to be good CS per minute?