Only the most determined players will win the victory crown. Players will need to work hard to get it. This golden crown can be faced in three directions and has many benefits that will boost your XP. It is a golden crown facing in three movements that has many benefits, including boosting up XP.

The crown will give you additional XP and killstreaks. The victory crown-bearers will be able to wear colorful headgear and attract the attention of the other players. You’ll be awarded the Crowning Achievement Emote if you win the match wearing a Victory Crown. Although it doesn’t do much, it will be based on the number of victories while wearing the crown.

Fortnite: How do you earn the Victory Crown?

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The victory crown is awarded to the players who win it. They will wear it in their next match, and their names will appear in gold, which will be very pleasing. Fortnite has many ways to win the victory crown.

  • These players will glow with a faint glow when they kill another person. This is because they are reported to have a Victory Crown. These signs will help you spot and hopefully kill any Victory Crown-wielding players in your match. The Victory Crown appears to be in the loot once the opponent has been killed. It will have a shiny appearance to help you find it. After obtaining the crown, the character will glow golden.
  • You can also pick up the crown that a competitor lost. There are more reliable ways to get the height.
  • You will need to do exceptionally well in the battle royale and achieve a higher rank in solo, duos, or trios matches.

These are the ranks you should reach:

Solo, The winner will be chosen by the top four players.

Duos The top two teams will receive this golden crown and many other benefits.

Trios The highest ranking team members will receive golden names while participating in the royale battle matches.

Squads The highest-ranking team members will be awarded this golden crown and all its benefits.

Fortnite: The Advantages of the Victory Crown

The Victory Crown is an additional feature in this chapter. The crown is a special reward for players who have been highly competitive and compatible since the beginning of the game. The height allows players to show off their skills and bragging rights.

The player’s name will be boldly printed in gold and surrounded by a shiny golden surround. You will receive more XP for killing, killstreaks, and eliminating another player who has the crown. A crown is considered a Crowned Victory if you win a match while wearing it.


Fortnite is an online multiplayer game that Epic Games released in 2017. It’s free to play. To see who is the last one standing, up to 100 players can compete in a battle royale. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Nintendo Switch. It is one of the most famous battle royale games in the world.

What Does the Crown do in Fortnite?